Saturday, March 19, 2011

Life goes on..

Why do people think having suicidal thoughts make you a pussy? Is it because they are scared to lose you? Is it because they think you should be able to overcome your problems because life goes on? Is it because they don't know what your going through, don't care enough to fully listen, but don't want you gone cause then they'd have to deal with some guilt that they could of helped/saved you? Maybe its all of those, maybe just two of them, and maybe just one of them.
Don't you think its kind of fucked up how people never really care til your gone? Now sure that's not true for everybody, but about at least 90% of all people. Why can't people just care enough to help someone in need? Why can't people stop judging other people because i bet if people stopped judging other people about at least 20-40%of people still wouldn't care. Why do we judge people?
It should matter the clothes you wear, the house you live in or who you are. At least your wearing clothes, have a home and try to be YOU. That's all that should matter, but its not? Why. Really think about that.

Now, i don't believe in god, but here's what i have to say:
What the fuck is wrong with him? If he has a plan for each and ever one of us then why can't the plans be good and make everyone love life? Why does he choose certain people to live such horrible lives? Why are there countries that don't have barely enough to survive? Why do kids who never did anything wrong get beat by their parents? Why do you make  people do that shit? Why do people rape? Why do people judge? Why can't we all just respect eachother? Why aren't we all treated equally, like you think we should be?
What is the point in believeing he's there? This is all just a bunch of bullshit some crazy motherfucker made up and met more crazy gullable motherfuckers and now all these people believe in this god that isn't there. And guess what?! There is no god damn heaven! Guesss why?  Your fucking dead, your in a fucking box, in the ground, DEAD! Get that through your fucking heads. 

I'm sorry for all of you who believe there's a god but why isn't he making your life better? There isn't a god. There are only other people to be there to help you. 99% not even that. You need to be strong and help yourself through it. 

But guess what, i'm here. This isn't suppose to put you down, its suppose to make you realize theres a lot about life that isn't right but, you'll get through it. Eventually you'll become something important to this world for some reason. I don't know, you may not know, your friends may not know. But that's the best part about life. You have soo many surprises just waiting for you.One day you'll get them, but you have to live through this time. I know how hard it is. I do, i've experienced these feelings. I still do. so be strong with me and make it through this.

Suicidal thoughts

Hey, i know you may read this shit on the internet all the time, but im here for all of you with problems with your life, if you need help gettin out of a situation. imma try my hardest to get you out of it. just ask